Hello world

2012-06-24_1340510863One year ago (roughly), I went to my first ever professional soccer game.  My first soccer game at all, really. It was Real Salt Lake’s home game against the San Jose Earthquakes in which they lost 5 – nil. It was an awful introduction to RSL.

Or at least, it would have been, were it not for the fact that it was actually awesome.

As a kid, I did baseball, basketball, I even did flag football in 5th grade until one of my teammates tackled me after practice and broke my arm. Soccer wasn’t even on my radar and I think most of that had to do with the fact that it was never on my dad’s radar (but he, too, played baseball, basketball and, for a brief time, football, as a kid, as well as doing track through high school).

That game was a revelation. It was more emotional than baseball, more tactical than football, as fast as (or, arguably, faster) than basketball. You had to pay attention, not only to where the ball was going, but what was going on around the play, to fully appreciate how things were unfolding. It’s hard to really articulate how it felt to suddenly, inexplicably, develop a love for a game and a team in ninety minutes and a single five nothing loss to a team that represents a place that was formerly my home (I’m from the Bay Area).

In short, I was hooked. And not just me, so was my family. We made it our goal to go to more games last season, signed up for MLS Live and purchased a pack of tickets for the 2013 season. We’ve spent the last year trying to catch up on a lifetime of not already being indoctrinated in soccer.

I created this blog to share my thoughts (and I have a lot of them) on RSL and soccer in America in general (though it will probably be mostly about RSL). I’ve been tossing the idea of doing an RSL blog in my head for a while and finally decided to go for it. I’m a WordPress developer by day and I also do online developer training courses for Pluralsight, but I’ll keep the geeky stuff out of it (for that you can go to my personal blog, jazzsequence.com). Thanks for showing up & I hope you stick around.



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