David Viana waived as transfer window opens


This just in from RSL Soapbox: RSL waives rights to David Viana.

I can’t say I’m overly surprised. Viana has a lot of talent but has never seemed comfortable with RSL’s system. He’s not a forward, lacks the skills necessary to be a good choice for the wings of the diamond, and certainly isn’t going to see the top of the diamond anytime soon with Javi, Gil and possibly Velasquez and Stephenson in front of him in line. As such, he’s more or less been taking up a slot in an already-deep midfield roster. I’ve never been really impressed with David Viana — he definitely had moments where he showed real talent, but never really did much for Real Salt Lake as far as I could see in the few matches (and reserve matches) he’s played.

With Watson-Siriboe and Schuler out with injuries, Beltran off gallivanting with the national team and Palmer out with a red, the back line needs attention. Lagerwey implied a few weeks back that RSL may need to look at getting some defenders in this transfer window, so don’t be surprised if Viana’s slot is filled with someone to try to fill in the back 4. Given Real Salt Lake’s immediate needs, I’d hypothesize an outside back (ideally with the skills to play centerback, if necessary), but we’ll see.


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