Let’s bring home a trophy

mls-cup-ringIt comes down to this. Who would have thought, this time last year, that a team that lost 3 significant starters as well as several regular subs (one of whom — Jonny Steele — had a really good 2013 and was a regular starter for the Red Bulls) — a team that was “rebuilding” — would make it to the MLS Cup?

I think as fans, as we watched RSL through this season, we knew we were seeing something special. I think a lot of us believed it could happen. But it was never supposed to happen.

RSL has gotten to the important matches many times and lost. But RSL is a team that thrives on adversity. The bigger the odds, the better they seem to do. I’m not going to say either way whether RSL is going to win this game on Saturday. I am happy they’ve gotten to this point. Remember, this is only my second year as a soccer fan, as a member of the RSL Nation. But I will say, that I believe they can win. I can give reasons — the last game against KC this season was when RSL was missing 3 important starters and lost in stoppage time that went 2 minutes too long — but the biggest reason I believe they can win is because there are a lot of odds stacked against them. KC and RSL are fairly evenly matched, all told, so will it really come down to what Jason Kreis says it does, that the team that “wants to win” ends up winning the important games? And which team is that?

We’ll find out soon. And, in fact, by the end of next week, we may end up proving quite a few people wrong about quite a few things.


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