MLS Week 1 Predictions

This year I swear I’m going to stick to this better than I did last year. Here are my Week 1 predictions:

Seattle Sounders FC v Sporting KC

Sporting KCLast year’s MLS Cup champions versus a Sounders team still trying to find their identity? I have to go with KC here. As much as I would love to see KC lose (I love watching the Sounders lose, too, for that matter), I have to give them the edge here. They have a team that knows how to play together. Seattle doesn’t have that, and that’s going to be the struggle this season.

DC United v Columbus Crew

DC UnitedI have to assume that whatever DC did in the off-season will make them better than the disaster they were last season. That said, this is really a battle of I-couldn’t-care-less.

Vancouver Whitecaps v New York Red Bulls

New York Red BullsWho do the Whitecaps have, really? I mean, seriously. I have no idea. For a minute last season they looked halfway decent. Then Camillo left to go to a team that will probably not exist in a year. Brilliant move. I predict this will end 52-0 in favor of the Red Bulls.

FC Dallas v Montreal Impact

Montreal ImpactLet’s face it, the only Canadian team that matters this season is the one not playing this weekend. That said, while I’d like to think that Oscar Pareja can turn the FC Dallas team around, I really don’t know what he has (besides Blas Perez) to work with.

Houston Dynamo v New England Revolution

New England RevolutionThis is really my wishful thinking prediction. I don’t actually expect the Revs to win but I want them to win. I want their young guys to prove themselves out there, but in all likelihood this will go the other way and Houston will win by a big margin.

Portland Timbers v Philadelphia Union

If I’m not mistaken, the Timbers were undefeated in preseason (is that right? Or did they lose one?). At any rate, they are the reining almost-made-it-to-the-MLS-Cup-but-at-least-we-got-a-CCL-ticket champions with their amazing display of draws for the season. While I could easily call this a draw, I think the Timbers are going to build on their successes last season and pummel the Union.

LA Galaxy v Real Salt Lake

Away from home on opening  day? No problem. Schuler out nursing his foot? Big deal. Findley out with a knee injury? Don’t worry about it. Robbie Keane slicing up our back line like a samurai? Easy-peasy. This one’s going to RSL because when the odds are stacked against them, they perform better.

Chivas USA v Chicago Fire

Has anyone actually watched Chivas this preseason? Really watched? Because Chivas looked like a real team. Seriously. Even though they are not really a team because they were sold and even though half of their current players are on load from Guadalajara, they played like they actually knew how to play. If the Chivas back line holds firm, if Rosales can prove that he’s not washed up, if Torres can stay in LA rather than getting sent back to Mexico, this team is going to blow everyone’s minds by being the one team you took for granted most.

Bonus: Am I the only one who’s bummed that Toronto FC isn’t playing this weekend? I’d love to see how the supergroup of Michael Bradley, Jermain Defoe, Dwayne DeRosario and That Guy From Brazil turn out or if Toronto put  all their money into a dream without thinking about whether the pieces could actually fit together.

Extra Bonus: Want to match wits with me and prove me wrong? Join my MLS Fantasy Soccer Manager league!


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