RSL Diary 2015 Season Blogging Resolutions

It shouldn’t be surprising after an 8 month hiatus that keeping up with regular blogging is a challenge for me. However, I keep coming back to this blog and want it to work. So, this year/season, I am making some resolutions about how to approach things that hopefully will end up meaning that things get posted and don’t stop mid-season. I’m doing this for a couple reasons, namely: 1) 2015 will be the first season that I will be a season ticket holder. That’s kind of a big deal and means I’ll be at the RioT a lot more, so, at least in theory, I’ll have more to say about it. 2) We just got a fancy new DSLR which means (again, in theory) I won’t need to use Flickr to find images to use for this blog (which is what I was using), I can use my own. And now for the resolutions:


…do weekly predictions for games. I love doing this but the writeup is a pain. And having to do it every week can easily lead to burnout.

…write up game summaries of the week’s match(es). Other blogs do this far better. This blog was intended to be my take on what’s going on in the RSL world, and so it should be kept as such.

…write lots of words. It’s really easy to take 2 hours writing a blog post and the prospect of doing such every week can also lead to burnout and not feeling inclined to write anything. Short(er) posts that get whatever idea across that I’m writing about are okay.


…cover USMNT, NWSL, USL Pro (Monarchs), BPL, MLS Fantasy Manager, and whatever else seems to strike my fancy that’s soccer-related if the whim takes me. There’s no need to keep the blog secular even if it is “RSL Diary”.

…take a relaxed approach to schedule and content. If there’s something to write about, write it. If there isn’t, don’t.

…link to other blogs. If there’s a really good article about the Carlos Salcedo situation that was written and researched far better than I could do, a one-line post with a link is okay. Really it is.

There’s a theme here and that’s to try to take the pressure off of blogging in order to make blogging more enjoyable and, hopefully, more frequent. It’s always hard when you’re writing for an audience, and putting pressure on yourself about what you should write about and shouldn’t write about and making rules can set you up for failure. Rather than having a framework of rules surrounding what type of content gets posted here, my goal is to stick to the original concept of this blog — which was to share my thoughts as a relative newbie to professional soccer — and let the sports news blogs be sources for sports news.  Here’s to 2015 and hoping I can stick to these resolutions this season.

Also, the RSL Diary MLS Fantasy Manager league is going to happen this year. Just putting that out there now.


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