Jason Kreis and NYCFC snag Mix Diskerud

It’s long been hinted that US Men’s National Teamer Mix Diskerud might be coming to MLS. I’ve been waiting with baited breath. Mix is one of my favorite USMNT players (and not just because he has a really cool name), and I’ve anxiously been waiting for him to come, following all the rumors when it was hinted that he might go to Columbus last year. Well, today it’s official. But it’s not Columbus.

It shouldn’t really surprise anyone that NYCFC is coming away with the prize using their top allocation order slot to snag Mix. He won’t be a DP (meaning that, if I have my math right, NYCFC still have one DP slot left to fill), but you can guarantee he’ll be a starter, especially with Lampard out for the first half of the season. For Mix, the decision to play with Jason Kreis — a coach we as RSL fans know first hand is able to push his players to deliver exceptional performances — was easy.

Between Kreis as coach, Wingert, Grabavoy, Saunders, Velasquez and now Mix, it’s going to be very hard to root against NYCFC (oh, who am I kidding, I was rooting for NYCFC since Kreis signed his contract). It is a little sad to think about the opportunities that these new expansion teams — that are backed by ownership groups with deep pockets — have that RSL has never had, small market and all that…

More on the Mix Diskerud transfer on MLSSoccer.com.


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