Defoe goes to Sunderland, TFC pursuing Altidore

TSN reported last night that a Defoe/Altidore swap was imminent. A new TSN report states that the Defoe deal is done — he’s going to Sunderland for a buttwad of money where he will be making what’s reported as $129,000/week. Toronto FC would like to get Altidore with that allocation money, but rumor says, he’d prefer an American team…say, the Red Bulls. TFC is fighting against their position in the allocation order, in which they sit sixth. This means there are five teams in front of them that, if they wanted Altidore — or someone was willing to negotiate with them to grab one of those allocation slots — one of those five teams could get Jozy before TFC was able to negotiate a deal. It will be interesting to see where Jozy goes. It will also be interesting to see what — if any — impact being on the same team as fellow USMNT’er Michael Bradley will have on TFC’s success should he wind up north of the border.


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