Draft Day recap

So, first, before the draft, we learned that RSL was close to signing a Guatemalan centerback who’s appeared on his country’s U20 national team as the captain. From this video, he looks to be an excellent pickup, having a lot of the same kinds of qualities as Carlos Salcedo:

Then that draft thing happened and RSL traded their first round slot (16th overall) to Garth Lagerwey and the Seattle Sounders (*cough*) for the 6th selection in the second round. With that, RSL signed another defender Boyd Okwuonu. You might remember I had initially thought that RSL would use their draft position to get a defender and, indeed, they did — despite the sudden influx of defenders and centerbacks over the last few days. (I also said “It’s possible that RSL trades away their first round selection for an early second round pick,” which is how things turned out as well. It’s fun being right.) What Twitter has been telling me is that Okwuonu is who RSL was looking at anyway so, to recap, we gave away our first round pick for some allocation money in exchange for a draft pick that we wanted to get anyway. #ThatWasEasy

I don’t really know anything about our draft selection (see, I predicted that, too), but here’s a bunch of draft prospects trying to pronounce his name:


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