The MLS MVP award will now be named the Landon Donovan MVP Award

This announcement from MLS HQ isn’t subtle at all:

[tweet align=”center”]

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate that Landon helped spread the word about soccer in America and that he was a star for the US Men’s National Team. I just feel like a little more time should pass before we jump up to commemorate a player who just retired, what, a month ago? I mean, let’s look at the Heisman Trophy. Named for a coach who died in 1936 after a long career of playing and coaching. I’m all for appreciating what LD has done for MLS, and maybe it’s even true that he’s the greatest player the league has ever had (I might argue that point, but let’s just leave that argument aside for a minute), but I think naming the freaking MVP award after him is a little premature.


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