It’s official: Artificial turf will be used in Canada’s 2015 Women’s World Cup

According to SBI, the players seeking legal action for gender discrimination at the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup over the use of artificial turf have withdrawn, but not because they suddenly changed their minds. A human rights tribunal asked to intervene and expedite the process ultimately declined. With the World Cup only months away, it would be unlikely that even if they won, there would be enough time to upgrade the pitches to turf.

Considering how much money was spent in Brazil for the 2014 World Cup, and how much money is being spent in Qatar, I find it difficult to swallow that the fields couldn’t be changed to natural grass. Sure, there’s winter, winter is hard on the pitches in Canada, but it isn’t as if you didn’t have time to install grass and let it mature. Or build new covered stadiums if you have to…how many new stadiums were built in Brazil? How many are being built in Qatar? And if the weather and difficulty of growing grass in soccer stadiums in Canada was the issue, why was Canada selected as the host? It makes about as much sense as hosting a World Cup in the middle of the desert in the summer…oh wait…


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