USL Pro team superlatives

So, I was adding the Real Monarchs schedule to my Google Calendar, because that’s a thing I do, and I was noticing some interesting and/or amusing things about some of the USLPro team names. This leads me to the first ever team superlatives awards!

The award for most unnecessarily long team name goes to the Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC!

Seriously, at any point they could have dropped one or more of those words. Colorado Springs is already a mouthful. But then you add not only Switchbacks, but FC, too? Really? Colorado Springs Switchbacks. Colorado Springs FC. Hell, Colorado Switchbacks FC. Nope, we’re going full pelt, the whole deal.

The award for best/worst use of misspelling in a team name goes to the Austin Aztex!

You couldn’t leave it alone, could you? Don’t think I didn’t spot that extremely subtle (cough) insertion of Tex in your name…

The award for gratuitous use of roman numerals in a team name goes to LA Galaxy II!

To be fair, they were the first of the {Team Name} 2 teams, but that doesn’t stop them from looking oh-so much more pretentious than the other {Team Name} 2 teams. But that could just be because I hate the Galaxy.

And finally…

The award for most redundant team name goes to Real Monarchs SLC!


The kingly kings?

Whatever they’re called, what it means is more soccer. Go 2015.


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