Toronto FC may end up with Jozy Altidore

According to ESPN FC, TFC has an inside track to Jozy Altidore due to allocation rankings. Toronto FC, the team that acquired Julio Cesar, Gilberto, Jermain Defoe and Michael Bradley and still managed to not make it to the playoffs. Toronto FC, an argument for relegation in MLS if there ever was one. Please, Jozy, don’t go to Toronto.

When the Red Bulls were in the running, I thought, good…they’ll be without Henry, New York is a competitive team, that will be a good fit, but it turned out that Jozy’s price tag was too high. TFC has money to burn but apparently haven’t figured out yet how to manage the players they have. Maybe, maybe the fact that Bradley and Jozy play together on the USMNT would help gel the team’s chemistry, but I can’t help but think that Toronto has been a big experiment in how big name, big money players, thrown together without thought to how the pieces fit together, is a recipe for failure.


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